A new era of sustainable design and products. Created with Bali river plastic, we are aiming to showcase the endless possibilities of what waste can become.


At the heart of our products lies a remarkable story of innovation.

Born from 2,000 plastic bags discarded in Indonesia’s rivers, each chair tells a tale of possibility. This isn’t just any material – it’s a testament to show that we can protect our planet – one upcycled plastic bag at a time.



Action through design. We set out to build a company that puts the planet first by celebrating Bali River Plastic as a material to our products. By up-cycling Bali River Plastic, Sungai Design is paving the way for a new era of sustainable design and products.

Sungai Design’s source of plastic is from its sister organisation – Sungai Watch. Sungai Watch is a nonprofit organisation that collects plastic from the world’s most polluted rivers and processes it for up-cycling. With 80% of the ocean’s plastic pollution coming from rivers, the team is focusing on stopping the pollution at the source. Sungai Watch has installed 270 floating barriers throughout Indonesia’s rivers to stop the flow of plastic from reaching the ocean and to date has collected over 1,800,000 kg of plastic, 36% of which is plastic bags.