At the heart of our products lies a remarkable story of innovation.


Born from 2,000 plastics bags rescued in Indonesia's rivers, collected by our non-profit sister organisation, Sungai Watch, each chair tells a tale of possibility. This isn't just any material - it's a testament to show that we can protect our planet - one up-cycled plastic bag at a time.


The plastic bags we use go through an intensive cleaning process, thoroughly washing and removing any remnants from their past. Next, through shredding and heat-pressing methods, 2,000 bags are transformed into hard, durable sheets, forming the foundation of this contemporary chair.


Harnessing the precision of CNC technology, the sheets are intricately sculpted into a series of parametric panels that make up the backbone of this chair. Designed to optimise both comfort and style, every panel is thoughtfully crafted through innovation to be as sustainable as possible, leaving no offcuts behind.


Our chairs are carefully polished and assembled by our talented artisans. The panels are seamlessly fused together, creating an illusion of floating elegance. Sungai Design stands for more than just furniture; it's about meaningful craftsmanship and ethical practices, all using Bali river plastic. Every chair emerges from the collective passion of a dedicated team, wanting to leave our rivers cleaner than we found them.